Applications of PCM®

Process Communication Model® has a wide range of applications. The strength of this model lies in its implementation, both in training and coaching. Some of the areas where the application of PCM gives outstanding results are:


Menadzment1To manage people we need to get to know them. By using PCM and learning about the personality structure of their associates, managers are able to adapt their managing style. PCM also provides managers with clear guidance on what are the preferred methods of management, appropriate ways of organizing activities, as well as preferred working environments for different types of personalities. Thanks to PCM managers are able to increase their performance and effectiveness and organize all the steps necessary to achieve goals.


MenadzmentEvery successful leader has a clear vision and the ability to make people follow him. To achieve this, he needs to know both himself and the people he works with. That is why the PCM methodology is very applicable in this field. PCM helps leaders discover what motivates them and others. Thanks to those insights leaders manage to surround themselves with people who are able to carry out the planned activities successfully and who are inspired and full of enthusiasm to complete their tasks.


Prodaja1PCM provides extremely simple and useful tools that can help people working in sales understand the different personality types of their clients and their psychological needs. This knowledge can help them to approach their clients in the most effective way. Most importantly, by studying PCM, people working in the sales can learn how to cope with rejection and make interaction productive despite it. Salespeople who practice PCM are able to establish stronger, more stable relationships with their clients, who become more loyal and consistent in their purchases.


TimoviIt is well known that a good teamwork is the key to success. PCM helps managers identify the dynamics within the team and understand the possible causes of miscommunication. With PCM it becomes clear what is hindering team from achieving its objectives and how to fully unleash the creativity and potential of the team. Through PCM, team members and managers learn how to respect their differences, strengths and potentials. The cooperation is further strengthened by encouraging members to believe in their potential, establish an open communication with colleagues and accept their differences. 


Upravljanje-stresom1Since stress is very present in today’s society, knowing how to deal with it is an essential skill. PCM enables you to understand which situations are potentially stressful for you as well as how to cope with stress if it occurs. It can also help you understand how different types of personalities behave under stress and give you guidance and tools that can help different types of personalities to cope with situations whuch may cause stress.