PCM assessment is reliable and validated assessment tool that identifies the personality structure. Personality assessment involves completing an online questionnaire. The completion of the questionnaire is followed by the computer-generated report.


Individualized report obtained after the completion of the online questionnaire provides detailed and accurate information about the person’s personality profile. Personal profile identifies the basis of your personality through one of six personality types described. It also provides insight into other personality types that are present in your “personality condominium”. The report will help you identify your strengths and explain how you can use them in communication with specific personality types. But you will also learn how your strengths can easily become your weaknesses in communication with other personality types. This profile also has a great value because it identifies possible negative behavior patterns, explains the reasons why they occur and gives suggestions for turning them into potentially successful patterns.


Depending on the area of ​​application of the PCM methodology, it is possible to generate a variety of reports so that the content of the report largely corresponds to the aim of the assessment.

Each PCM report contains the basic structure of personality which is graphically displayed using the “personality condominium”. In addition, the PCM reports contain the following areas described in details:

Unique personality structure
Personality strengths
The perception of the world and the ability to see things from different angle
Preferences in interaction with others
Psychological needs
What motivates a person the most in professional and personal life
How a person behaves in different stressful situations
What are the obstacles for achieving goals
Unique Action Plan for healthy and quality life
Preferred management style