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3-4th December 2018 in Prague

Become a PCM methodology

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Atria Group offers you unique opportunity to discover PCM (Process Communication Model) in Prague. “Discover PCM” is a basic PCM training after which you will be able to attend advanced PCM training courses (PCM Coach and PCM Trainer).

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About the training

This training explains the participant’s personality structure, strengths, perceptions, motivational needs and stressors. The focus of the training is on self, not assessing or interacting with others, and is great for groups to get an introduction into PCM principles. This active and engaging seminar blends concepts with practical exercises that illustrate how communication and stress management can be used to improve your personal and professional life.

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What is PCM®?

Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate.

  • Observe and understand your own behavior
  • Understand the behavior of others and know how to communicate with them effectively
  • Analyze conflict and miscommunication and know how to find resolution and a return to effective communication

More than 1 million people have been trained or coached by a worldwide network of over 3.000 Process Communication Model® certified trainers and coaches. PCM is present in over 50 countries and 22 languages.

Why should you visit Discover PCM® training?

PCM (Process Communication Model) is a tool which allows us to understand the deep personality structure. PCM is being applied efficiently all over the world in small businesses, corporations, schools, families and much more.

Whether you are an individual, business, or coach, we will develop a custom strategy for you or your organization to make the most of Process Communication Model training.

PCM (Process Communication Model®) will provide you with reliable and valid methods for identifying and understanding the personality structure, understanding the impact of different life events, and communication dynamics between people

Learn about the six different personality types, distress factors related to each, and how to get the most effective response from each. In the process you'll learn a lot about yourself and your peers

What are the benefits?

You will gain into insights of your own personality structure
You will define your preferred mode of communication
You will understand the differences in the preferred channels of communication with different people
Through learning about your own personality structure you will understand better yourself, your needs and your behavior
You will understand the differences in the preferred channels of communication of different people
You will learn to recognize and prevent potential conflicts and misunderstandings at an early stage of their creation
You will better understand the communication of people with whom you have communication difficulties
You will create strategies for improving communication with people with different personality structures

PCM® assessment

Our assessment is a reliable, anonymous, and validated tool that identifies your personality structure. The completion of our assessment creates your individualized and unique “Key to Me" profile.

Fact:PCM helps individuals improve their leadership and communication skills, create cohesion among teams, and improve employee engagement. PCM helps organizations overcome departmental silos, organizational restructures, and create high performing teams through improved communication strategies.

About trainer:

Professional trainer and coach with corporate background and expertise in professional and personal development. Senior Partner at Atria Group (an international consulting company which offers a wide portfolio of assessment tools, development programs, professional training, coaching and mentoring in fields of professional and personal development). He began developing formal business coach training programs in the mid-2000s. Since then he has been helping leading global companies and leaders through Outcome-Oriented Coaching transformations. Pedja had the opportunity to lead different leadership development projects as well as a large number of different training and coaching programs. His main areas of interests are personal and organizational transformation, business coaching and business application of different personal development methodologies (NLP, solution focused thinking, Process Communication Model).

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