Kahler Communications

Kahler-Communication-logoKahler Communications is an international research, communication and assessment company that owns the rights to the Process Therapy Model™ (PTM), a clinical personality assessment and the Process Communication Model® (PCM), a personality assessment, communication and management methodology that is based on the Process Therapy Model™. Kahler Communications was founded by Taibi Kahler, Ph.D., an award-winning clinical psychologist who has served as a consultant and advisor to Global 2000 companies, NASA and USA governmental agencies.

Atria Group

logo_atriaAtria Group is an international consulting company that offers a wide portfolio of assessment tools, development programs, professional trainings, coaching and mentoring in the areas of professional and personal development. Atria Group is specialized in corporate trainings in the areas of leadership, communication, selling and managing skills, as well as in solution-focused coaching. Atria Group is partner of Kahler Communications in Portugal, Czech Republic and Serbia.