Would you like to understand your client’s need after just 15 minutes of conversation?
Would you like to fully adapt your coaching approach to each client? Would you like to know what drives your client into stress and how to prevent the escalation of an unpleasant occasion?

Now you can achieve it!

How to

stand out from the competition?

Building trust and strong relationships with a client are skills that make a difference. As simple as it might sound, it represents the most demanding part of each coaching session. Why?
People are different and they have different needs. Problems they struggle with and their challenges will be the theme of the session. To each coaching session or process to result with a success, you need to adapt our coaching approach to each client. How?

Why is 

PCM training important for you as a coach?

You will establish compliance with the client
With the PCM assessment, you will establish a complete rapport with each client.
You will be ready for every session
 With the help of PCM, in 15 minutes you will evaluate who is the person who is sitting in front of you.
You will be able to recognise psychological needs
will help your client to better understand himself his own needs, to solve challenges in behaviour and communication, to achieve goals and to maximise results.
You will know what drives your client into stress
You will anticipate changes in the client’s behaviour, as well as defensive behaviour that can be manifested.
You will choose the right channels of communication,
specific words, tone, gestures, and facial expressions, that will lead to more productive interactions during the session.
You will stand out from the competition
You will be among 50 coaching experts in Serbia who have the exclusive right to use this methodology in their sessions.

Why is 

PCM different from everything you have met with until now? 


Based on the input assessment, you will get an insight into the client’s deep personality structure.

PCM does not classify people by personality types but recognizes personality types in people.

PCM will help you to discover what words you should use and what tone to speak in. This way, you will completely customise your coaching approach to the client.

You will be able to recognise the true needs of your clients as well as the goal of the session.

Based on the report, you will find out which topics and questions you can expect during the session.

PCM distinct 3 different levels of stress, explains how different types get into conflicts, and provides guidelines for addressing these conflict situations.

More about the training

PCM Coach

Education for the use of the PCM methodology is an advanced coaching program, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The PCM Certification Program will teach you how to motivate yourself and others with this model, how to recognise specific stress responses, predict defensive behaviour, develop stress management skills, and interact effectively when others are under stress.

What will you get on the training?

• You will be distinguished in the growing coaching market by complementing the portfolio with an international certificate that is accredited by the ICF.

• You will be able to use PCM assessments in your coaching business, that will significantly contribute to work with groups and individuals.

• You will be able to independently develop training based on the PCM methodology depending on the needs of your clients (companies).

Training structure PCM Coach

The Training Part

Module 1- 3 days
During this three-day module, participants have the opportunity to get in touch with the basics of the PCM model and the possibilities of its use in coaching. Participants, during the first module, also receive a report of the deep structure of their personality, to discover the benefits of knowing and applying this model by themselves.

Topics that are covered in this module
• Introduction to the PCM Model
• Different ways in which we experience the world
• Basic Characteristics of 6 personality types by PCM (Thinker, Harmoniser, Imaginer, Persister, Promoter, Rebel)
• How to recognize the personality structure of the interlocutors
• How to present a development project to different clients
• Communication styles with people who have different personality structures
• How we choose words we will use in conversation with different people
• How to create an adequate atmosphere for working with different personality structures
• How to recognize the needs of different people and build trust through conversation
• Recognize resistance and overcome it with PCM
• Differences in interventions depending on the client’s personality structure

Module 2 – 3 days

The goal of this three-day module is to introduce participants with specific topics and processes that can occur during coaching or in everyday business situations in interaction with people of different personality structures. Participants also receive detailed guidelines for possible obstacles in working with different types of personalities, especially in situations where others see dysfunctional behaviors or resistance. They will have the opportunity to recognize why a particular person gets into stress, what are their needs, and how in such situations they transmit a particular message, in a way easy to understand.

Topics that are covered in this module
Topics that are covered in this module are:
• What are we asking ourselves when we are dealing with coaching?
• How can PCM help us predict the key topics of the client?
• How to recognize dysfunctional patterns of behaviour in time?
• Stress reactions of different clients (types in personality) and possible ways of intervention at that moment
• Differences in approach to the client depending on the level of stress of the people we work with
• How to motivate and dedicate to different types of personality

Certification part – 3 days

After completing the first and second module, the participants pass through the certification process conducted by the PCM Master Coach authorized by Kahler Communication Europe.

PCM Certification
Certification for PCM coach lasts three days. The certification process consists of a written part, taking a test, and additional supervisory coaching sessions during which the participants conduct their coaching using the PCM model.

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