Why do people make unnecessary mistakes when under stress?

How many times have we regretted for not reacting differently in a stressful situation?

Situations in which, due to the stress, we are not able to behave like “ourselves”, give us the opportunity to improve and correct our mistakes… although the hard way. But what often happens is that even in those kinds of situations we fail to learn the lesson, and act the same way the next time we find ourselves in the same situation. Repeated mistakes are followed by regret. We tend to focus our attention on the consequences and not the cause, i.e. the things that have caused the stress and unnecessary mistakes. (more…)

The secret of great leaders

Are you a leader?

If we ask the question, “Are we all the same?” the answer is clear and everyone knows it – no, we are not. However, in working environment supervisors tend to communicate with all employees in the same way. Managers usually have the best intentions believing that they are treating everyone equally. (more…)

How did NASA discover PCM®?

The process of selecting an astronaut is no easy task.  The people who select the astronauts are choosing from the best of the best, physically and mentally. There are many factors such as cooperation, precision and thoroughness in work, efficiency, etc., that need to be taken into account when selecting astronauts that will be the most mentally strong and capable in situations of intense stress and pressure. (more…)

Are you satisfied with your work?

Being satisfied with you work is extremely important. If we don’t like our job or if we are not satisfied with some segments of our work, such as the working atmosphere, people with whom we work, etc., that dissatisfaction can have strong negative effect on our personal life. We tend to get tired easily, feel sad, react hastily and miss the opportunity to socialize with people who are dear to us. Even the thought of work increases our stress level, not to mention getting up in the morning… (more…)