PCM® Coaching

PCM_4Coaching is an ideal setting in which the application of PCM gives excellent results. What is particularly significant is that the coaches, who are certified for the use of PCM, are able to use an entry assessment, which will provide each client with individualized report on their personality structure. This report will help them to better understand processes taking place during the coaching session. PCM is offering the coach and the client an additional tool for determining clients’ goals, strengths and potential development areas. It helps them to determine the individual steps for accomplishment of the goal that was set at the beginning of the coaching process. Thanks to the PCM methodology, coach is also able to identify very quickly the topics that are important for a specific client and what type of communication and coaching approach will help the client to reach his full potential.

The following are some of the benefits of the application of PCM methodology in coaching:

● It is easier to establish the connection between the coach and the client
●  More efficient and quicker identification of important topics for the client
● Finding the most effective communication channels – specific words, tones, gestures and facial expressions which will contribute to more productive interaction during session
● Identifying the basic psychological needs of the person and his/her motivation for accomplishing the goals
● Understanding the ways in which the client can show resistance to change and ways of overcoming that resistance
● Predicting changes in client’s behavior