PCM® Coach Training Content

Training PCM® Coach an accredited coaching program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaches accredited for the application of PCM® have numerous tools that can assist them in the coaching process and its preparation. Thanks to the PCM®, coaches can mentally prepare for the session and obtain important information about the personality structure of the person they are working with, even before the session begins.  In addition, coaches are able to better adapt to their clients, achieve better communication and increase client’s motivation to achieve their goals.

The PCM Coach training program includes:

● Module I – 3 day Basic Seminar with PCM Trainer
● Module II – 3 day Advanced Seminar with PCM Trainer
● Certification – Certification led by a certified PCM Master Trainer authorized by Kahler Communications Europe. Module III will last depending on the number of participants. Per day can be certified maximum 6 participants.


During this 3-day module the participants will have a chance to get introduced to the PCM model and possibilities of its application in coaching. Participants will also get a report regarding the deep structure of their personality during the first module, so they would be able to recognize the benefits of the application of this model on their personal example.

Topics in this module are:

● PCM model
● Different ways we see the world
● Basic characteristics of 6 personality types according to PCM model ( Thinker, Harmoniser, Imaginer, Persister, Promoter, Rebel)
● How to recognize your client’s personality structure
● How to present a coaching project to different clients
● Ways to communicate with clients who have different personality structures
● How do we choose words that we will use in conversation with different clients
● How to create appropriate atmosphere for work with different clients
● How to help clients who have different personality structures with adequate goal setting
● How to recognize needs of different clients and build trust through coaching conversation
● Recognizing clients’ resistance and overcoming it through PCM
● Differences in coaching interventions depending on client’s personality structureModule-2

This 3-day module has a goal to introduce participants to specific topics and processes that they can expect to appear during coaching sessions with people who have different personality structures. Participants will get a chance to thoroughly study about deep factors within personality that affect client’s reactions during coaching. Participants also get detailed guidelines for possible interventions during work with different personality types, especially when you detect client’s dysfunctional behavior and resistance.

Topics discussed in this module are:

● What questions do we ask ourselves when we do coaching?
● In what ways can PCM help us in anticipating client’s key topic during coaching
● How to recognize dysfunctional patterns in client’s behavior in time
● Stressful reactions of different personality types and possible intervention methods at that time
● Differences in approach depending on client’s stress level
● How to encourage different clients to devote themselves to goals accomplishment


After first and second module are completed, participants are going through the certification process, conducted by PCM Master Coach, who is authorized by Kahler Communication Europe. Certification process is consisted of passing the written test and additional supervising coaching sessions during which the participants are conducting coaching sessions through using PCM model.