PCM® workshop in Prague

PCM® workshop presents an amazing opportunity for you to learn about the worldwide recognized methodology that is used for discovering and understanding the deep structure of personality and impact of life events on personality development, as well as dynamics of communication and ways to implement PCM® in coaching.



Tema-1_2What is PCM

Prednosti (1)What are advantages of implementing PCM in coaching?

Koucing-sesijaHow does one PCM coaching session look like?

Tema-4-4 (1)

How to thoroughly
understand deep personality
structure of the people
we’re talking with

Komunikacija (1)

How to adjust your approach
to different types of personality



All you need to do in order to take part in the workshop is to apply through filling out the form on our website, which you can access by clicking on the button below.



PCM_K_F-300x157Atria group is organizing the training PCM® Coach that is intended for professional coaches and managers who want to improve their coaching skills and raise the quality of coaching to a whole new level. Coaching is an ideal setting in which application of PCM gives extraordinary results.buttnon-template!

For more information about the workshop or training, feel free to contact us on e-mail pcm@atriagroup.cz or call to a number + 420 734 301 313.